12" x 4.75" x 4.75" Taper Down Clear Glass Square Vase

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  • Height: 12", Opening: 4.75" x 4.75"
  • Taper Down Vase
This is a square vase that tapers from a top opening of 5.75” to a bottom square of 4.75”. The height of this vase is 12 inches. The tapering slope is relatively moderate to maintain a stable base. This type of narrowing down vase is a traditional design that radiates simplicity and elegance. These vases do not occupy a lot of space, and yet they maintain their charm and elegance. The simple design can also be ideal for candle arrangements thanks to strong utility glass and a thickened base that can protect surfaces from dripping wax and heat damage. They work well for elegant weddings, private parties, or simple decorating around the house. Purchase these vases for your table and you can also decorate it by filling the base of the vase with sand, pebbles, marbles, pins or any types of dry filler before adding flowers, leaves, ferns, pine, and fruits like lime, oranges, and grapes cut in different shapes. These glass vases also make lovely office gifts, souvenirs, or decorative pieces.
Height (inch) 12
Opening 5.75"x5.75"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 6