24" Decorative Flared Black Glass Vase

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Height: 24", Opening Diameter: 6.75" - This 24 inch tall black flare vase is ideal as a statement showpiece in luxury apartment lobbies, in upscale hotel entrance consoles or in high-end restaurant entrances. For designers that desire a striking contrast to clear glass vases, this rich black flare vase would be the answer. The black vase is produced with an inlay process by forming a glob of molten black colored glass as the inner core then dipped into a coat of molten, clear glass on the exterior. Once the molten glass is blown to the designed form, it undergoes a flashing process to ensure proper fusion. As a result, the colored vase has scratch resistant surfaces. The black color vases provide a distinctive contrast to ordinary clear vases and are frequently chosen as bold center pieces as well as accent pieces. The slender body flares at the rim design is both elegant and expressive.
Height (inch) 24
Opening 6.75"
Color Black
Quantity Per Case 4