25"H x 10"W Large Glass Apothecary Jar

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  • Height: 25" , Opening: 5" , Body Width: 10" , Base: 7.5" , Thickness: 1/8"
  • The classic style apothecary jars are made from high quality glass. It works for every setting from bathroom to kitchen storage.
  • Every jar include a clear glass lid with a round handle for easy opening and closing.
  • Apothecary jar is versatile and also can be used with decor items. It looks great with petals, water, sand, pine cones, maples leaves or flowers to add jubilant energy flows into your environment.
  • A must have piece for the event's candy buffet table.
Complete the look on your mantle's display with this versatile glass jar. This bottle-shaped glass jar is perfect to house your beach-scavenged treasures or summertime finds. This elegant jar can be transformed into an vintage inspired apothecary jar by applying appropriate silver, gold, or copper adornments on the inside to achieve that antique look. Or you can create a conversational tablescape with this glass jar as the centerpiece for your formal dining table. Generate warmth to your home d├ęcor by also adding dried pumpkins, pine cones, maples leaves and dried acorns to instantly transform your living space into a welcoming gathering place this fall. Switch up the contents to match your particular mood for each season. Note: This item is hand-crafted by artisans overseas. When working with such delicate and thin material, factory perfection cannot be achieved, so imperfections may occur.
Height (inch) 25
Opening 5"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 2