3/4" Submersible Translucent White Fairy Berry LED Lights

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Qty Per Case:25Pack,12Lightsperpack
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CYS Cute Reusable Fairy Berry LED Lights, Submersible, White Magical Light, (0.75" wide per piece) - Activate light by pulling paper strip - Deactivate light by removing the battery, or placing the strip back. Each set contains 12 pieces. One case contains 6 sets, for a total 72 berry lights. These white Fairy Berry LED lights that fade on and off slowly. Submersible: works great under water to high light the vase and its contents. Can float in water. They have a translucent-opaque plastic body. Uses 2 CR1220-3V batteries. Batteries are included and can be replaced.
Height (inch) 0
Opening No
Color White
Quantity Per Case 25Pack,12Lightsperpack