31" Taper Black Glass Cylinder Vase

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Black Glass Cylinder Tapered Vases - Height: 31" | Opening: 8" | Base: 5.5" | Glass Thickness: 1/8 - 3/16" - The traditional cylindrical taper down vases have a wider top opening and narrow base, with a gradual and gentle slope. The black vase is produced with an inlay process by forming a glob of molten black colored glass as the inner core then dipped into a coat of molten, clear glass on the exterior. Once the molten glass is blown to the designed form, it undergoes a flashing process to ensure proper fusion. As a result, the colored vase has a scratch resistant surface. Black vases provide a distinctive contrast to ordinary clear vases and are frequently chosen as bold centerpieces as well as accent pieces.
Height (inch) 31
Opening 8"
Color Black
Quantity Per Case 4