Set of 3 Natural Birch Wood Wrapped Zinc Square Vases

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One set of 3 includes: Large: H-6 inches, Opening 16 x 16 inches ; Medium: H-5 inches, Opening 14 x 14 inches ; Small: H-4 inches, Opening 12 x 12 inches - These birch vases are perfect for rustic wedding themes, indoor and outdoor decorations, floral bouquets, party themes and garden supplies. The zinc metal interior can prevent from water leaking. The different size pots give you the flexibility to execute your imaginative designs. Intended for indoor or outdoor gardening. Since real birch bark are used, variations in color and striation is natural and expected. Rust may occur in the zinc pot if water is left inside. Rust naturally occurs when galvanized zinc containers are weathered by rain or water. Flowers and other accessories are not included.
Height (inch) 4, 5, 6
Opening 16"/14"/12"
Color Natural
Quantity Per Case 2