6" Geometric Faceted Gem Glass Table Vases

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Height - 6" | Body Width - 4.5" | Opening Width - 3.5" - These eclectic, honeycomb-like vases are part of our special collection of table-top geometric glass vases. With their simple, short, and serene shape, they make excellent pieces for minimalist d├ęcor and modern homes. These trendy multi-faceted vases have a dignified 20s and 30s art-deco vintage aesthetic, and they are suitable for unique floral, candle, or succulent terrarium displays. There are a total of 14 "sides" or facets on this prism. The opening and base are shaped like hexagons, while the 12 facets along the sides are pentagon-shaped. Made from heavy, handcrafted, crystal clear glass. NOTE: These items are hand-crafted by artisans overseas. When working with such delicate and thin material, factory perfection cannot be achieved, so imperfections may occur.
Height (inch) 6
Opening 3"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 6