7" x 6" x 4" Clear Glass Rectangal Vase

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  • Height: 7", Opening: 6" x 4"
This vase stands at 9.5” tall, with a 6” x 4” base and opening. The simple rectangular glass vase design is ideal for table top displays with medium decorative and floral adornments. Other applications can be seen in submersible plants and simple rooted plants. Purchase this vase for your table and decorate it by filling the base of the vase with sand, pebbles, marbles, pins or any types of dry filler and then upgrade it with flowers, leaves, ferns, pine, seashells, dried botanicals, or fruits like lime, oranges, and grapes cut in different shapes. They also make modest small office gifts, souvenirs, or decorative pieces. There are even those who would utilize them as miscellaneous lose item holders.
Height (inch) 7
Opening 6"x4"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 8