8" x 2" x 2" Orange Glass Square Bud Vase

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  • Height: 8" | Opening Diameter: 2" x 2"
  • The square vase is made of high quality glass and thickened bases to maintain durability and balance. The narrow opening do not require too much flowers to fill the vase
  • The size of this vase is relatively tall and narrow, and it is best for floral arrangement such as reception wedding flowers, long stemmed flowers, marbles, river stones, or any kind of delicate decorations
  • USE: Modern flower vase or floral terrarium, and also suitable for any setting like weddings, parties, offices, and home
  • A must have piece for the modern decorations and indoor plants arrangement
CYS Square Bud Vase, Light Amber - Height: 8" | Open: 2" x 2" - We know that not everyone is looking for grand lobby vases with color floral arrangements for their home. We can’t all be visionaries in the world of interior design, but we understand that part of the fun of decorating comes from recognizing how the joy, warmth, and comfort of being home can always be found in the elegance of just a few, simple ornaments. The beauty of a bud vase lies in its playful modesty, in terms of both size and design. Typically, these types of vases are narrower and/or shallower and made to hold only a few flower stems or a single short flower bud (hence the name). There is no doubt that the bud vase, in its own quaint and quiet way, is an excellent choice if the words “less is more” epitomizes your style as a homemaker or decorator. Note: To wash, gently rinse the vase. Harsh washing is not recommended.
Height (inch) 8
Opening 2"x2"
Color Orange
Quantity Per Case 24