Glass Candle Holder Sets (D-4.5" H-3.5" | 4.5" | 6.5")(Set of 3)

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  • D-4.5" H-3.5" | 4.5" | 6.5"
  • The stemmed candle holder is very impressive and elegant with the magnificent design, and there is a slight lip and an indented center for the taper candle and wax spillage
  • The set of this candle holder come up with all three different sizes, and it is wide enough for taper and pillar candles with the diameter of 4 inches or smaller
  • USE: Modern candle holder for pillar and taper candles, LED candle, and also suitable for any setting like weddings, restaurants, churches, parties, and home
  • A must have piece for the modern decorations