Tan White Voluta Vespertillo Bowl Vase Fillers, 2.5"-3", 44 lbs (750- 850 pcs)

Pack of 10
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Perfect for decoration or use in arts and crafts. Can be used as vase fillers or for candle making, scrapbooking, curio box collections, mosaics, or jewelry making. These shells are imported from the Philippines.

  • SIZE & COLOR: 2.5" -3", White with tan marking
  • PACKING: 4.4 lbs (Approximately 75 - 85 pcs), 44 lbs per case (Approximately 750 - 850 pcs)
  • The Voluta Vespertillo shell is very unique with its special appearance, it is perfect for the beach wedding decor
  • USE: Elegant decoration for beach events or celebrations, DIY project, fish tank villers, and natural home docor
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 bag = 4.4 lbs