Fuchsia Pink Knobby Horned Sea Star Vase Fillers, 5"-7", 48 pcs

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Knobby Starfish Color: Fuchsia. 12 pieces / bag, Each Piece's Diameter - 5 to 6 inches. These are natural products and each piece is hand-picked and hand packed. Great for beach themed projects.

  • SIZE & COLOR: 5" -7", Fuchsia Pink
  • PACKING: 1 bag (12 pcs), 4 bags per case (48 pcs)
  • These are natural knobby starfish. They will vary in color and size as these are natural. Beautiful to add some coastal charm to any home or room. Perfect for craft projects or weddings.
  • You may also use these in vases as fillers. These knobby starfish are the most popular with hand-crafters, wedding planners, and collectors. It's great for Centerpiece Decor and Table Scatters.
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 bag = 12 pcs