White Vase Filler Glass Round Marbles 0.5"- 0.6" , 28 lbs (2240 pcs)

Pack of 28
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The diameter of each piece is approximately 0.6". 1 lb bag contains approximately 80 marbles, Can also be used for art projects or as pieces for various games.

  • SIZE & COLOR: 0.5"- 0.6", White
  • PACKING: 1 lb (Approximately 80 pcs), 28 lbs per case (Approximately 2240 pcs)
  • Glass Gem Round Marbles, also known as Fire Glass. The secret to great flower arranging. Add this reusable White glass gemstones to your floral displays while holding stems in place.
  • A DECORATIVE MARVEL IN MARBLES: These ornamental marbles are just the embellishment you need. Use them for your DIY projects such as filling your flower vase, fish tank, or votive candle holders. Purpose them for wedding favors, birdbaths, magnets, and mo
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 lb = 1.5 Cups