Glass Cube Vase Square Shaped Block 8" Clear

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The perfect centerpiece vase for small floral arrangements for weddings and parties and home decoration. This particular size can support fuller, symmetrical floral arrangements in appropriate proportions. The versatility of this vase can be used for your table decoration by filling the base of the vase with sand, pebbles, marbles, pins, or any type of dry filler before adding flowers, leaves, ferns, pine, and fruits like lime, oranges, and grapes cut in different shapes.

  • Height: 8" | Width: 8" | Opening: 8"
  • The glass cube vase is made of high quality glass and thickened bases to maintain durability and balance. The cube vases are very common for floral arrangement
  • The size of this cube vase is medium and provide enough space for plant terrarium, and it is perfect for any kind of plants arrangement
  • Modern plant vase or floral terrarium, and also a good container or glass vase for parties, weddings, birthdays, home, offices and all kind of celebrations and events.
  • A must have piece for the modern decorations and indoor plants arrangement