Yellow Orange Vase Filler Unity Wedding Ceremony Sand, 24 lbs

Pack of 24
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Vibrant, bold, and fade-resistant color - Won't stick or clump. Great for dioramas, floral /candle arrangements, terrariums, Zen gardens, etc. Perfect for unity sand pouring wedding ceremonies.

  • SIZE & COLOR: Yellow Orange
  • PACKING: 1 lb (Approximately 1.25 Cups), 24 lbs per case (Approximately 30 Cups)
  • Glass Sand Filler is just the thing to add a pop of color to your vases.These colored glass sand is often used in plant terrariums to embellish air plants or succulents.It is bringing a touch of the ocean to your home decor.
  • Unity Sand Ceremonies - A New Way to Tie the Knot. For many, sand is a symbol: of oceans, the passing of time, our origins, our earthiness, and our resting places. That is why sand often used for various religious ceremonies and rituals.
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 lb = 1.25 Cups