Red Vase Filler Acrylic Rain Drops, 0.25", 24 lbs

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Qty Per Case:24BAGS
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  • SIZE & COLOR: 0.25", Red
  • PACKING: 1 lb (Approximately 3 Cups or 24 oz), 24 lbs per case (Approximately 72 Cups or 576 oz)
  • Acrylic vase fillers,ice rocks are to add aesthetic appeal to your decorations. You can simply scatter them on the ground to create a path or scatter them on the table to accentuate an important station.
  • You may also use these in vases as fillers, the secret to great flower arranging. Add this reusable Acrylic Drops to your floral displays while holding stems in place. It's great for Centerpiece Decor and Table Scatters.
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 lb = 3 Cups or 24 oz, 24 lbs = 72 Cups or 576 oz
CYS Vase Filler Acrylic Rain Drops, (1lb/bag) - These rain drop acrylic fillers can catch and focus light, shimmering like diamonds. It is great to use as vase fillers for wedding receptions and other various event decorations. It is also widely use as table scatters. You can submerge these rain drop acrylic fillers in water to create a stunning effect. You will see some fillers drop to the bottom and some float at different levels. This can make an interesting water display. These fillers are reusable.
Height (inch) 0.25
Opening No
Color Red
Quantity Per Case 24BAGS