Set of 4 Clear Milk Glass Hurricane Candle Holder Shade Chimney Tubes, H-6" (Wholesale 6 SETS/Case)

24 Per Case

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These open-ended candle holders are also known as Glass Hurricane Chimney Tubes for pillar candles, candlesticks, or taper candles. Made with a contemporary design these hurricane candle holders give an elegant and impressive display in your home. The glass chimney tubes fit over any candle of your choice and allow you to keep the flame lit without the worry of losing the flame to the wind. Suitable for use in weddings, parties, offices, and any home.

One set contains 4 Hurricane Globe Chimneys in 4 different sizes. The wholesale pack gives you 6 sets (24pcs)

*H-6", Top-3.25", Bottom-5.75" (Fit D-5" Pillar candle); *H-6", Top-2.75", Bottom-4.75" (Fit D-4" Pillar candle)
*H-6", Top-2", Bottom-4" (Fit D-3" Pillar candle)
*H-6", Top-1.5", Bottom-2.75" (Fit D-2.5" Pillar candle)

  • Dimensions - Height 6", Top 3.25", Bottom 5.75" | Height 6", Top 2.75", Bottom 4.75" | Height 6", Top 2", Bottom 4" | Height 6", Top 1.5", Bottom 2.75"
  • Quality - Hand-blown crystal clear glass not machine made. Crafted with thick glass for durability. (Minor imperfections may exist due the product being handmade) Dimension Deviation ≈ 0.1"-0.25"
  • Design - Designed to be open-ended this set of 4 candle holders, also known as glass hurricanes , work great when paired with pillar candles, candlesticks, or taper candles. The milk glass shaped design allows for easy placement over lit candles.
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