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Wholesale Glass Containers

All the glass containers you need for different options and uses! Browse our variety of clear glass bubble bowls, apothecary jars, glass cloches, glass hanging terrariums, and candle holders and pair them with our vast selection of vase fillers like seashells, gemstones, and sea glass, Our wide selection of various kinds of glass containers is great for interior decorators, boutique workshop owners, or event designers. Wholesale prices are perfect for creating an elegant wedding centerpiece, a whimsical plant terrarium, or unique decorative displays with air plants, succulents, cacti, or artistic designs.

Various Options at Reduced Prices

Quality Glass- All of our glass containers are hand-crafted and made from thick glass that is shaped by professional glassblowers. It's the perfect collection for floral wedding centerpieces, elegant decorative displays, or simple home decoration. (Minor imperfections may exist due to the product being handmade) Dimension Deviation ≈ 0.1"-0.25"
Multiple Designs- The glass container's fine clear glass quality contributes to elegant decorative set-ups. These vintage-style glass containers come in many shapes and styles from hanging orbs to Apothecary Jars, Cloche Domes, and Mint Julep cups.
Perfect Home and Event Decor - Use any of our glass containers and make a dynamic display, as you cluster a variety of designs and place them together on long tables, especially for special occasions and events such as baby showers, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, quinceanera, and debutante balls.