Fire Pit Glass


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Wholesale Fire Pit Glass

Light up the night with our fire pit glass as it enhances any flame around it or reflects the natural luminous sunlight during the day. Our Fire Pit Glass is made of 100% high-quality heatproof glass stones and can instantly transform your outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace into a sleek and modern look. The fire glass is able to create a clean-burning environment that does not emit any toxins while maintaining its bright vibrant color. An excellent choice to accentuate fire pits, fireplaces, or general outdoor/indoor modern home decor.

Reflective & Standard Options at Discount Prices

Different Styles & Colors- Expertly crafted to withstand extreme temperatures this fire pit glass will not melt, degrade, crack or discolor over time.
Elegant Design- The fine quality of the glass is specifically used to create a high luster shine. We also offer our fire pit glass with reflective characteristics for that extra brightness when hit with direct light by either fire or the sun.
Perfect Indoor & Outdoor Use - Bring an illuminating and peaceful ambiance to indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. The fire glass can be used in natural gas, propane, fire pits, fire bowls, and electric fireplace. Since it's made of 100% tempered heatproof fire glass, it can sustain high heat up to 1400 Fahrenheit.