Glass Cube Vase Square Shape Block 6" Clear

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These vases do not occupy a lot of space, and yet they maintain their charm and elegance. As a candle holder, it has a thickened base to protect surfaces from heat damage. It's the perfect centerpiece vase for small floral arrangements for weddings and parties, or simple decorating around the house, indoors or out. The simple design is also ideal for candle arrangements or floating candles thanks to strong utility glass. It features a thickened base that can protect surfaces from dripping wax and heat damages.

  • Height: 6" | Width: 6" | Opening: 6"
  • The glass square vase is composed of high quality glass and thick weighted bases to ensure durability. The taller vases are very common for floral bouquets
  • The size of this cube vase is small and delicate, and it is perfect for small arrangement, especially for candle holders, small plants and any decorations
  • Modern plant vase or floral terrarium, dried botanical such as pine cones, seashells, river rocks, color pebbles, and also suitable for any setting like weddings, parties, offices, and home
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