Gold Vase Filler Unity Wedding Ceremony Sand, 24 lbs

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Qty Per Case:24 BAGS
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  • SIZE & COLOR: Gold
  • PACKING: 1 lb (Approximately 1.25 Cups), 24 lbs per case (Approximately 30 Cups)
  • Glass Sand Filler is just the thing to add a pop of color to your vases.These colored glass sand is often used in plant terrariums to embellish air plants or succulents.It is bringing a touch of the ocean to your home decor.
  • Unity Sand Ceremonies - A New Way to Tie the Knot. For many, sand is a symbol: of oceans, the passing of time, our origins, our earthiness, and our resting places. That is why sand often used for various religious ceremonies and rituals.
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 lb = 1.25 Cups
Gold Vase Filler Sand - This type of vase filler is made of glass sand, widely known as wedding sand for the wedding sand ceremonies. It can also be used for unity ceremonies or for candle display. They're also excellent for arts and crafts. Some may use this sand for filling vases and bottles with creative and colorful designs. Others might use it for school projects and dioramas. Let your creativity run wild.
Height (inch) No
Opening No
Color Gold
Quantity Per Case 24 BAGS