Mercury Gold Crackle Glass Candle Holder, Set of 3 (12", 14", 16"), Pack of 3 Sets

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Overall Height: 12", 14", 16" | Inside Height: 4.5" | Base Diameter: 4.5" | Cup Diameter: 4.5" | Inside Diameter: 3.5" - 3.75" | Glass Thickness: 1/8-3/16"

Three sets of 3 long stem (12, 14, 16 inches tall) candle holders for floating candles (Total of 9 pcs). This series of classic gold mercury metallic crackle glass candle holders is tall. The gorgeous crackled glass design has its unique classic elegant look. The long stemmed gold glass design with numerous clear transparent speckles allows any candle color to gleam in its surroundings. Whether you are planning a wedding, a holiday party, or an anniversary celebration, these darling candle holders will illuminate your event with class. A popular design for these elegant candle holders is to arrange an array of candles in varying heights for a dynamic layout. The open flame from the candle would burn within the cup.

- Accomodate standard 3 inch diameter floating candles

- All the candle holders from are SGS approved

- Perfect for living room mood lighting, it also makes an excellent addition to event furnishings

Height (inch) 13
Opening No
Color No
Quantity Per Case 3Sets