Red Acrylic Crystal Diamond Gemstone Vase Fillers, 1.2", 24 lbs (1680 - 1728 pcs)

Pack of 24
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Can be used as vase fillers, table scatters, game pieces, or materials for arts and crafts. Each piece is transparent and made to look like faceted gemstones. Great for parties of any theme. Made of acrylic plastic.

  • SIZE & COLOR: 1.2", Red
  • PACKING: 1 lb (Approximately 3 Cups or 70 - 72 pcs), 24 lbs per case (Approximately 72 Cups or 1680 - 1728 pcs)
  • Acrylic vase fillers are to add aesthetic appeal to your decorations. You can simply scatter them on the ground to create a path or scatter them on the table to accentuate an important station.
  • Acrylic Diamond Crystals are a great attraction at themed birthday parties, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, floral decor events, bridal decorations, and seasonal decor!
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 lb = 3 Cups or 24 oz