Rustic Zinc Cylinder Planter Set of 6 pcs. H-5", 4.5", 4", 3.5", 3", 2.5"

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Qty Per Case:4 sets
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Planter Rustic Zinc Cylinder Set of 6
A set of 6 includes one (1) of the following sizes:
H-5 inch; Open D-11 inch (Fits up to 10.5 inch pots)
H-4.5 inch; Open D-10 inch (Fits up to 9.5 inch pots)
H-4 inch; Open D-9 inch (Fits up to 8.5 inch pots)
H-3.5 inch; Open D-8 inch (Fits up to 7.5 inch pots)
H-3 inch; Open D-6 inch (Fits up to 5.5 inch pots)
H-2.5 inch; Open D-5 inch (Fits up to 4.5 inch pots) 
Pack of 4 sets

Height (inch) No
Opening No
Color No
Quantity Per Case 4 sets