White Mixed Shells with Finger Starfish Bowl Vase Fillers, 19.2 lbs

Pack of 6
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Perfect for decoration or use in arts and crafts. Each bag is hand picked and totally unique. Includes starfish, scallop and clam shells, conches, cones, snail horns, and more! Imported from the Philippines.

  • SIZE & COLOR: Mixed shells. Each bag is unique
  • PACKING: 3.2 lbs (Approximately 200 pcs), 19.2 lbs per case (Approximately 3840 pcs)
  • The mixed shell is unique for each bag and it come up with different kind of shells, it is perfect for the beach wedding decor
  • USE: Elegant decoration for beach events or celebrations, DIY project, fish tank villers, and natural home docor
  • MEASUREMENT: 1 bag = 3.2 lbs