Zinc Metal Cylinder Planter Vase | Set of 6 Sizes H-3" - 8"

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Corrugated Zinc Metal Cylinder Vases, Pots, Planters - Set of 6. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The rustic feel of the zinc metal vases is perfect for the contemporary design. The corrugated effect is what makes the zinc vases to become one of the unique vases. This is set of 6 pcs, which you are getting six planters in different sizes: H-8 inch, Open-8 inch; H-7 inch, Open-7 inch, H-6 inch; Open D-6 inch; H-5 inch; Open D-5 inch; H-4 inch; Open D-4 inch; H-3 inch; Open D-3 inch.

Height (inch) No
Opening No
Color No
Quantity Per Case 12set