11" Slant Cut Asymmetrical Glass Bowl Vase Plant Terrarium Pod

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  • SIZE: H-9" W-11"
  • Quality - Hand-blown crystal clear glass not machine-made. Crafted with thick glass for the perfect Terrarium Bowl.
  • Uses - We have seen various uses of our glass Slant Cut Bowl. They are not only the perfect size for a small aquarium, but they can also be an excellent fit for wedding centerpieces and home terrariums.
  • Looks- The curves of the bowl bends the light that shines upon it. As if the glass isolates the outside world from what lies within. This simple design is somewhat mystical as it shields what lies within, also showing the treasures to all who look inside.
  • Occasions - With the unique look of the Slant Cut Bowl. It attracts many event designers to use as the centerpiece, with the design of the vase. Decors know that it will draw the viewer's attention to have an obligation to look at what lies within.
Height: 11" | Opening: 10" | Body Diameter: 12" | Glass Thickness: 3/16 to 5/16" - This unique multi-use glass container can be a plant terrarium for your succulents or desert plants or a candy buffet bowl. Angle cut opening circular vases are becoming everyone’s favorite plant terrarium because of its modern shape. These novel vases calls to mind of globular pea pods and one can make an cozy habitat for algae or succulent plants. This modern vase is endlessly versatile. Add pillar candles or floating tea light candles to immediately elevate the mood. As plant terrariums, this clear glass bowl offers designers the perfect piece when combined with colored sand or pebbles as accents.
Height (inch) 11
Opening 12"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 2