8" Clear Glass Bubble Round Shape Bowl

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  • Height: 8", Open Diameter: 6.5", Body Diameter: 10"
When it comes to great modern decorating, glass bubble bowls are wonderful if not obvious choices. As the name suggests, the glass curves into a bubble-like sphere with an opening at the top. Whether you’re going for playful or dramatic, creating centerpieces with these bowls is easy when paired with your favorite items. You can brighten up a room by filling the bowl with colorful stones, vase fillers, or fresh flowers. The encompassing glass makes it great for floating candles or pillar candles. You could also gather a collection of bowls of various sizes to set up a candy buffet or to display novelty items. They also make great terrariums for all kinds of plants: drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cacti, or submersible freshwater plants like marimo moss balls and java ferns. This 10 inch wide bubble bowl is a simple yet sophisticated piece, and it's an excellent size for keeping small fish like guppies or bettas. The bowl is made from hand blown high quality utility glass, which means it's strong enough to withstand etching and engraving, making them excellent personalizable gifts for friends and family.
Height (inch) 8
Opening 6.5"
Color Clear
Quantity Per Case 6